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  • Do a Variety of Compound Exercises

    Do a Variety of Compound Exercises Squats may be the biggest calorie burner, but you’ll get more benefits if you include a variety of strength-trai...
  • Metabolic Diseases

    Metabolic diseases or disorders interrupt the normal processes of metabolism within the body, the many chemical reactions responsible for breaking ...
  • Lower Your Risk

    Consistent Strength training improves health and well-being and lowers the risk of disease across a lifespan.
  • Take Time to Breath

    Box breathing is a simple technique that a person can do anywhere, including at a work desk or in a cafe. Before starting, people should sit with t...
  • Boxing Terms

    Accidental Butt: It is ruled an accidental butt when two fighter’s heads collide and the referee determines that neither fighter intentionally head...
  • Microcycles in Training

    Microcycles Explained: A microcycle is a defined period of training that typically lasts one week. It is made up of individual workouts and makes u...
  • Most Common Goals

    At Gymnanigans the 3 most common goals related to nutrition are performance enhancement (agility, strength, endurance), weight loss and weight gain (muscle development).

  • Combo of the Week

    Your toughest opponent is yourself
  • What IF

    Yes!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏 what if food science was a course in elementary through high school 💪not referring to home economics 👈is that still a class? But a c...
  • Your Motive Can Be Your Motivation

    What drives you? Make a regular practice of examining your motives and questioning your choices

  • Influencing Is Different Than Helping

    On our quest to get fit we may look to an influencer to aid us rather than someone who is trained, certified, deeply knowledgeable and have many clients successfully become a better version of themselves with their programs. Why? because influencers make it seem doable, they are great cheerleaders, they show how they workout and now you feel you can do and become what they do and have become. Right? Ok, that's great if that works for you but wouldn't hiring someone who has studied and trained in exercise science be a better option? Just a thought. 
  • What is this really about?