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Gymnanigans Boxing Fitness & Strength Training

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How Strong Are You?

IF you're not getting stronger you're definitely getting weaker. It's science! SO let's do something about it TOGETHER.

Welcome to Gymnanigans Boxing Fitness & Strength Training for women. It's where YOU learn how to use your body not a machine!

Gymnanigans isn't a typical commercial gym, it's a fitness studio equipped with your own expert trainer, Coach Donna, that'll help you elevate your endurance, strength, power, agility, vo2max and overall skills. She uses functional / neuromotor principles that'll help you not only complete daily activities efficiently but develop muscle definition and help with your body composition (muscle to fat ration). Donna helps you unlock your body for greater movement, power, strength, oxygen intake and balance.

"Donna turns you into an athlete, you start to feel powerful and strong in weeks" - Sandy H, El Cerrito, CA

Donna is not only your trainer, she's your accountability partner. Exercise adherence isn't easy but with the right tools and information you can impliment an exercise routine into yoiur daily life.

Your Body is the Ultimate machine. Learn how to hit, kick, push, press, rotate, squat and become a stronger, more conditioned version of yourself.

We serve all women including those of a certain age who are oftentimes underserved at a conventional gym.

Just ask Coach Donna she knows, she was one who was underserved, ignored and directed to the treadmill.

Now she helps women change their habits, body and completely engage their mind with full body workouts that help them think better, move better, sleep better and of course build firm arms, glutes, thighs & burn belly fat & trim the waistline. 

Our workouts help regulate hormones, aid in sleep disorders, hypertension and diabetes.

Gymnanigans, unlike big box gyms is not a gym but a personal training experience that'll help you reach your goals of gaining strength and building muscles. 

We AIM for Strength NOT Weight loss.

(Fat loss can occur with a nutrition plan that's programmed according to your nutrition needs and activity level. We implement lifestyle habits that make sense and are doable)

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How's your body feeling? How's your back? Your stamina? Can you walk up and down the stairs without getting winded? Do your knees hurt? Trying to cut fat? Are you bored with your current workout plan? Want to learn something new? Let's Get Started. Ready?

Time to Get Strong!

1409 Georgia St., Vallejo | (707)310-0863 | gymnanigans@gmail.com

To provide a personalized experience for all clients, all services are by appointment only

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Why Does Gymnanigans Exist

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Having a hard time cutting fat/ gaining muscle/ seeing muscle definition? Feeling Weak? Going through Menopause or at the beginning or end? Have Belly Fat YOU just can't lose? Like to EAT (junk)? Don't know what junk is? Always Snacking? Don't Like what YOU see in the Mirror? Feel Depressed? Lack Confidence? Feel slow and sluggish? Can't do what you used to do? Never was able to do what you thought you could? Looking for a safe place to workout in? Want privacy? I UNDERSTAND!!!!!!

The aging process is a beast! It's a thief! It'll try to rob you of all your strength, elasticity, agility, confidence and athletic abilities. YIKES! No worries I got you! Literally I do. I can help you learn how to eat to minimize belly fat, to sleep better, to feel confident and love what you see in the mirror. I can even unlock your athletic ability regardless of age.

I am 49 years old GOING THROUGH MENOPAUSE with arthritis and I can lift, run, have minimal belly fat and agile. It was a journey for me to get here! Filled with ups and downs and challenges but well worth it.

As an Exercise Scientist with a Masters in Exercise Science and several specialty certifications I want and can help you become a better version of yourself with science based exercise and nutrition programs.

You don't have to starve yourself! You don't have to workout hours and hours to get results. Let's chat about this in person, sign-up for a consultation and we'll chat about what your fitness desires are and how I can help you achieve them.


Welcome to the Year of NO EXCUSES!

It Takes Strength!

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Boxing Fitness Private Sessions

Gymnanigans Boxing Fitness & Strength Training for Women

Is a full-service personal training studio in Vallejo, CA where women of various ages and fitness levels come to develop strength, muscle, agility, flexibility and gain a basic understanding of nutrition to help support their activities. We do not concentrate on weight loss.

Weight loss is a byproduct of having eating habits conducive to your physical goals and performance.

Gymnanigans strength training and boxing fitness sessions are scientifically programmed to help you reach all movement goals.

We concentrate on being consistent with our fitness regimen, we don't care about the number on the scale. There are other critical numbers such as muscle percentage and body fat percentage.

Let's chat about YOU and your fitness goals.

To assure Donna can dedicate time to you without interruption, please click the link to secure a workout or a consultation.

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1409 Georgia St., Vallejo, CA 94591 | (707)310-0863


Ready to be Champion Strong

Let's Get Strong

The fitness world has done a bad job in promoting exercise. Most ads you see mention exercising for weight loss only. WEIGHT LOSS WEIGHT LOSS WEIGHT LOSS! YIKES. PLEASE STOP THE NOISE.

Weight loss can be a byproduct of an expertly planned exercise program accompanied with a nutrition program but a real exercise program helps you get strong, build lean muscle, sleep better, perform better, have mental clarity and help keep your bones and joints healthy.

Lifting weights consistently can help improve your bone density and fight osteoporosis. 

Women who strength train often experience less pain in their joints, less bone loss, and decreased lower back pain,

At Gymnanigans we offer strength training, boxing and kickboxing fitness for women of all ages. You can be a Gymnanigan Champ online or in person at our Vallejo, CA studio located at 1409 Georgia St.

Let's start your journey with a chat about your past and current fitness journey. How will this be different than before? With Coach Donna as your accountability partner she wants to make sure you work together to achieve what you invest your time and money into. Contact Donna NOW to schedule an appointment or click the link to schedule your 1:1 workout.

Set your appointment and get ready to start your journey.

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