Donna - Chief Fitness Officer

At age 30, I was tired, sluggish, not moving well and unhealthy. Thankfully a loving family member told me my problems would be solved if I started going to the gym and that's what I did. From day one I was hooked; although I had no clue as to what I was doing and I stayed on the recumbent bike the entire hour, I was feeling as if I was doing something positive for my health. By staying consistent, my health improved.

Now at age 48, I have more energy, I sleep GOOD like real GOOD, relatively no aches and pains. I do have arthritis but my movement program helps me with that. Plus through consistency and time my body fat percentage declined, 46% to 23%;  my muscle percentage increased  22% to 35%


Throughout my journey, I never thought I would be a trainer myself but my desire to help other women become a better version of themselves by building strength, endurance, agility and balance became a passion and thus Gymnanigans was born. 

As the owner/trainer I am dedicated in providing science based workouts and programs that will elevate the lives of all who are a part of the Gymnanigans experience. 

I am passionate about educating and helping women understand the value of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle throughout the aging process. I help each client achieve their goals through science-based approaches for nutrition and training. Whether I'm helping a beginner or advanced trainee, I guide them through weight maintenance, muscle gain endurance and conditioning phases.

My dedication to exercise science has led me to gain various specialized industry certifications, develop Gymnanigans Champion Strong Whey Protein, becoming a contributing fitness writer for Search magazine and author of various fitness/nutrition e-books.

My ultimate desire is to help people transform their thoughts, actions and behaviors to develop a beneficial fitness & nutritional foundation that will allow them to gain strength, develop lean muscle and function at a high level throughout the aging process.

Favorite Quote: Your Motive Will Provide Motivation to Reach Your Goals (DM)

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