Enhance Your Core Strength: Dumbbell Leg Raise and Cross Punch

It’s Champion Strong time ✋This engaging routine combines a variety of movements to target multiple muscle groups. As you grasp those dumbbells and execute leg raises, you'll feel the burn in your core, hip flexors, and shoulders. But that's just the beginning! With the leg extension and punch motion, you're diving into a realm of rotational core stability that ignites your obliques.

Get ready to enhance your core strength, elevate your balance, and fine-tune your coordination, all while sculpting your shoulder and leg muscles. Join us in mastering this exercise for a full-body transformation that's as dynamic as it is effective!

Donna Medina - Exercise Physiologist



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  • thanks coach, i like this exercise; i did it for 5min and it felt like i was jogging, my heart rate got up to 135


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