Fast Exercise

Go fast! Then faster! 👎the ”fitness world” has done an absolute horrific, money driven job of educating the public on the real use of exercise; ”go fast lose weight” stay in the orange zone, faster faster for EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) aka afterburn. “if it’s not fast it won’t last” haha I made that up 😅


Here’s the truth, originally “exercise” was to help folks get ready for war … it was about repetition and punishment. Practice and Pain. Tactics and Technique. 😏 not sweating buckets for weight loss 🫣

…But after countless studies exercise is seen as a way to not only develop skills but increase health; physical & mental. 👏

Fast workouts aka high intensity, rate per exertion (levels 4-10) all the time can actually be counter productive especially if going through hormonal changes, joint issues and other issues 🤷🏾‍♀️

Here’s the point….real exercise is boring! It’s customized, repetitive and consistent for lasting “internal” results. It’s not about tricks, fast footwork to a beat with cute moves. It’s not about being insulted and  hollered at by an inadequate trainer. 😬

It’s about knowing your short (telescope) and long-term (microscope) goals for efficient exercise sessions that don’t cause injuries, full day “I’m too sore to breath” recovery and did I say injuries 😁that’s a major complaint I hear from people “my last trainer injured me”, “ I have knee problems but they made me do burpees”😳🥹 awww poor baby 😔


Ok wow this was a long post 😆


Anywho….have a gorgeous, productive, happy day full of good and peaceful thoughts



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