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Be Flexible Instead of Rigidly Consistent

Over the years, I have read about the importance of consistency and sticking to the schedule. But what I realized is the misconception about consistency.

Consistency should not be so rigid since it will not reflect how life goes on. In our lives, we face unexpected events with some urgency. It can be a work task you have to complete, a call you have to make, a kid needs you have to apply, and more. Life is unexpected, and things will go wrong sometimes.

So, I have developed a flexible consistency mindset over time. I have to admit it’s not always possible, and we will sometimes find it hard to be flexible. But to make results, we have to be flexible. Don’t be rigid in your mindset. You don’t have to do all tasks at once.

That’s how I used to think: Do it all or nothing, have it all or nothing. Today I think differently. I think about my time as flexible and can be moved upon any change in my day. Of course, I try as much as possible to keep things as they are. For example, I try to read and meditate every day at 5 A.M., then work and workout. But, if anything change, I will be flexible and adapt.

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