Burn Baby Burn - Aerobics Burns Fat

“Can I Spot-Reduce My Belly Fat Away?”

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If “spot-reducing” really worked, then, everyone who chewed gum would have a skinny face!

The fact is, stomach and thigh exercises (and their related machines) are not aerobic or fat-burning exercises. That’s because they fail to meet one essential requirement.

The activities don’t last more than three minutes in continuous duration. Therefore, the exercise remains anaerobic. The burning sensation is not fat being burned or “melting away.” Instead, it’s the muscles storage of lactic acid as glycogen (not fat) that has been used for energy during anaerobic metabolism.

The Truth About Fat-Burning

For activities more than three minutes, continuously, the body will continue to burn sugar (carbohydrate). However, it will begin to burn and breakdown the sugar in the presence of oxygen. This is known as aerobic glycolysis.

There is only one difference between the anaerobic glycolysis and aerobic glycolysis. Lactic acid does not accumulate in the presence of oxygen. In other words, the presence of oxygen inhibits the accumulation of lactic acid.


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