YES Diets Do Work

Do diets work? Yes they do work. A diet is a temporary fix but not a long-term solution. It shouldn’t be used for maintenance or for lifestyle eating ☺️ however if dieting is done too often metabolic damage can occur. 

✨If I have an amateur athlete whose “walking around” weight is higher than their competition weight and it’s more than water weight they need to get rid of, I’ll put them on a diet…the diet will change the quality, quantity and timing of their food but won’t affect their training or performance. Once they reach their competition weight then we’ll do maintenance (lifestyle) eating. Can they eat cake? Yes. Can they drink a Pepsi? Yes. Can they eat bread? Yes. BUT….

They don’t deep dive into food that hinders their performance, recovery, sleep….

Neither do we …..we may not be competing athletes but we’re athletes of life that want to perform optimally daily…. Movement and food compliment each other.

When my Osteoarthritis flares I look at my food intake; what did I eat to cause the inflammation? I probably ate some chips 😆I like potato chips way too much 🤦🏿‍♀️ but not so much to where I want to hinder my walking. Bye chips ✋😁

Have a Champion Strong Day 👏

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