Upper Thigh Fat Elimator

Day 1
Roundhouse Kick/Squat

  • Stand straight with your feet and shoulder wide apart
  • Hold your fist with palms in and shoulders relaxed
  • Tilt 45 degrees to the right
  • Extend your left leg to the other side pointing your toes out to the floor
  • Lift the left knee as high as you can go, turning your outer knee towards the roof
  • Extend the leg leaving your toes pointed
  • After 2 seconds, lower your leg and squat down to make your knees align
  • Repeat the exercise on the other leg

Benefits of roundhouse kicks/ squat

  • Roundhouse kicks strengthens the quadriceps in the upper thigh
  • It helps you boost your kicking power (for fighters and athletes)
  • Roundhouse kicks turn your hips providing an unlocking effect to it
  • This exercise improves your posture

Exercise application on day 1

  • Start exercise early in the morning with a rep at first
  • Take a brief break of 30 seconds and move on with 2 reps of roundhouse
  • After another 30 seconds, you might be a little tired after the second round. Ensure you take a little amount of water or energy drink and continue by doing 3 reps of roundhouse kicks
  • That’s all for the morning workout, over to evening. Ensure you do 4 reps of roundhouse kicks on an empty stomach in the evening
  • Take a minute rest and do the last round which is 5 reps of roundhouse kicks

The exercise is split into two different times because it is tedious and a bit challenging. The first sequence in the morning, and the other in the evening.

Day 2
Hip Extension with Circles

  • Stand with feet wide apart and shoulder blades squeezed together
  • Keeping your left leg straight, bend your right knee softly, pointing your toe and avoid bending your back
  • Draw a four pointed square with your right toe in a clockwise motion and repeat in anticlockwise motion also.
  • After completing the reps on the right leg, repeat for the left leg

Benefits of Hip extension with circles

  • Apart from being among the 5 days workout routine to get rid of upper thigh, the hip extension also build you more strength and mobility
  • It also helps in getting rid of back pain
  • Hip extension with circles opens up your hips and enables flexibility in that region
  • It is also a good exercise for relieving stress and tension
  • It strengthens your core and trims your waist

Application of exercise on day 2

  • Just like the first day, start early in the morning on an empty stomach. Begin with a rep of hip extension with circles
  • After a 15 seconds rest, do 2 reps of the exercise
  • Take a break (3o seconds) and do 3 reps of the exercise
  • In the evening, continue with 4 reps of hip extension with circles
  • Rest for a minute and end with 5 reps of hip extension with circles

Day 3
Pile Squats with Lifted Heels

  • Stand with your feet twice as wide apart with toes and knees out and heels lifted slightly
  • Extend your hands out to the sides at shoulder height
  • Squat down and push your hips back slightly, keeping your knees over your ankles
  • Straighten your legs, keeping your knees soft and your heels lifted

Benefits of pile squats with lifted heels

  • Pile squats helps lubricate your joints and prepare them for more mobility
  • It helps warm up muscles in your hamstrings, glutes and thighs
  • Pile squats gets your blood pumping and circulating in all your body parts
  • It gets your heart rate up and prepare your body for the workout
  • It strengthens and tones your thighs, hips and glutes

Application of exercise on day 3

  • You can do the exercise in the morning or at night on an empty stomach. Begin with one rep
  • Off to the second round, do 2 reps of pile squat with lifted heels
  • Ensure you take a recess, and do 3 reps of the exercise
  • Do 4 reps of pile squat after a brief rest
  • Conclude the exercise with 5 reps of pile squat with lifted heels

Day 4 (2 exercises)
Crescent Kick over Chair

  • Stand at arm’s length behind a chair with your fist clenched under your chin
  • Raise your right knee and draw an arc over the chair with your left foot
  • Switch legs and repeat
  • Stand with your feet together
  • Jump feet out wide and cross your arms overhead
  • Cross your legs in the front of right and let your left arm cross your chest
  • Immediately repeat changing your legs

Benefits of Crescent kick over chair

  • The crescent kick over chair enables flexibility in the hips
  • It stretches the legs, hip flexors and groin
  • It increases stability and mobility
  • Crescent kick over chair increases your energy and reduces your fatigue
  • It opens up your chest and shoulder
  • It boosts your kicking power

Benefits of crisscross power jacks

  • Crisscross power jacks strengthens your leg
  • It makes you ready for a workout
  • It ensures proper circulation of blood in the body

Application of exercises on day 4

  • The crescent kick over chair will be done in the morning starting with 2 reps
  • Continue with 3 reps and rest briefly
  • Continue with the 3rd round with 4 reps of crescent kick over chair
  • Do 5 reps of crescent kicks
  • Lastly, do 6 reps of crescent kicks over chair

Are you sick and tired of that upper thigh fat that makes you feel uncomfortable? Here are 5 days workout routine to get rid of upper thigh fat.

  • Later in the evening
  • Start with a rep of crisscross power jacks
  • Ensure you take a rest and do 2 reps of the exercise
  • Continue with 3 reps of crisscross power jacks
  • Finally, conclude with 4 reps of crisscross power jacks

Day 5
Curtsy Squat/Lateral Lift (Instructions)

  • Stand with your feet wide apart and hands on hips
  • Cross your left leg behind body so that thighs can touch each other
  • Bend your right knee 90 degrees with toes pointing forward and then return to standing position
  • Raise left leg as high as possible without moving your hips
  • Return to standing position, and repeat the procedure on the other leg

Benefits of curtsy squat/ lateral lift

  • It strengthens your adductors and your abductors
  • It helps to stabilize your hips
  • Gives you amazing posture
  • It engages your quadriceps, hamstring and lower back
  • It provides you with a firm and more attractive butt

Application of exercise on day 5

  • At night on an
    empty stomach, do 1 rep curtsy squat
  • Continue with 2 reps of curtsy squat
  • Take a short rest and continue with 3 reps of curtsy squat
  • Do another 3 reps of the exercise
  • Lastly, conclude the exercise with 4 reps of curtsy squat/ lateral lift



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