It's Not Telling the Truth....

The 3 digits on the scale doesn’t give a clear view of health….in regards to muscle vs fat percentage.
The goal should never be weight loss, it’s fat loss while maintaining or building muscle ……some diets deplete nutrients and cause muscle loss in the process. So yeah, the 3 digit number on the scale is down but what has been loss? Btw if you lose 5lbs in 3 days it’s water not fat ☺️😉 water weight can easily be gained back.
I was once 135lbs with high body fat percentage and dangerously low muscle percentage.
✨skeletal muscle keeps you upright and ability to sit …not speaking of muscle definition 👈that’s different✨
I’m now 159lbs with 36.5% muscle, apx 20-25% body fat percentage
I could be “omg I gained 24lbs😭 I’m so fat blah blah” but I’m saying “yay I’m fighting osteoporosis with muscle and increasing bone density 🎉🎉🎉 whoop whoop 😄
If you must weigh yourself…a body composition scale is best aka biometric scale….that shows muscle%, body fat%, water, BMR (we don’t care about BMI) and more. It’s not 100% accurate but good enough 😄
Have a Champion Strong Day,

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