Where Oh Where Did My Strength Go?

There are several benefits of strength training, yet there is a large majority of women who are scared of engaging in a real strength training program; especially women of a certain age.

When I speak to women over 40, I usually here the same tune concerning strength training; "I don't want to get big". Even after I explain the impossibility of them getting muscular "big" they rather stick to their cardio dance class and elliptical. 

I think it's displaced fear concerning strength training. We should be scared of becoming physically weak. 

Here are a few of the great benefits of strength training: 

  1. increase bone strength and reduce risk of osteoporosis
  2. increase joint stability (even with arthritis)
  3. increased functional strength for daily activit
  4. increased lean body mass and decrease nonfunctional body fat           Side note: some body fat is essential; it helps you stay warm, stores energy plus other good stuff! If your scale doesn't differentiate between body fat and muscle mass it's absolutely useless..the total number on the scale means nothing.

At Gymnanigans  we don't care about your weight; we care about your health and wellness especially your strength. Our specialty is strength and conditioning sessions and classes for women of all ages, especially for those over 40 who desire to build strength, muscle mass and endurance. 

Ready to feel strong? Schedule your fitness consultation with Donna at Gymnanigans, 1409 Georgia St., Vallejo (707) 310-0863

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