What's The 80/20 Rule?

What is the 80/20 rule? 80% food and 20% exercise 🤷🏾‍♀️ what is this ratio mean and who is it for?
It’s for those who are only looking to cut fat…
3500 calorie deficit = one pound loss
So how to use 80/20 rule?
✨✨In a week have a 2800 calorie food deficit plus Burn 700 calories with exercise
✨In a week let’s say I eat 14000 calories (2000 calories a day x 7 days) but you want to lose a pound in a week ….14000 cal - 2800 cal = 11,200 calories (eat 2800 calories less …..so eat apx 400 calories less per day)
***This is only true if you don’t have hormonal imbalance and thermogenesis is working properly
So how does the 20% exercise fall into the equation?
If I follow the equation, In a week I only have to burn 700 calories, so that’s 100 calories a day, or apx 235 calories if exercise 3x a week.
So how to burn 700 calories in a week without any consideration to building strength and all the other goodies that come with exercise?
EVERYDAY run/March in place for 30min (intervals of :30 run :10 rest) 👍
The rate in which a person burns calories is not the same. In 30Min a person who weighs 200lbs will burn more calories than a person who weighs 150lbs if they are moving at the same speed
Have a great active pleasant peaceful day 👋

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