Microcycles in Training

Microcycles Explained:

A microcycle is a defined period of training that typically lasts one week. It is made up of individual workouts and makes up your mesocycles. A microcycle contains your weekly training, this means the number of days you train. You can then split the workouts up however needed within the microcycle, and string a bunch of microcycles together to create progression throughout your mesocycles (4-6 weeks of training).

Let’s take a 3-day training split with the goal of strength to show an example of this:

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – Push Day

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Pull Day

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Legs

Saturday – Rest Day

This is how one person could split their weekly training up when training 3 times per week. It allows for recovery and proper formatting of the training sessions to compile these microcycles from week to week for progression within a mesocycle.

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