I Need Water.....A Gallon on Some Days

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I’m Ready ✋ Mon, Wed & Fri activity are no joke at work so I got my water ready last night for today. If I get dehydrated, I will most definitely get a headache 😖 so I have to drink water.
I heard something yesterday that reminded me…. Funny story, about 12 yrs ago I was getting headaches often, then migraines, it was horrible. So one day I finally went to the Dr., he said I was stressed, he prescribed migraine med which was an anti depressant 😟. I researched first, then tossed it because I knew it had to be something else 🤷🏾‍♀️. I did my own research, looked at my lifestyle and boom 😁 yeah I was stressed from working out 6 days a week for two hours and only drinking a thimble full of water and Pepsi 😂 it’s amazing I didn’t have a stroke. I increased my water and boom headaches gone.
Nowadays I try to stay hydrated, I just fill my jug the night prior, add lemon for electrolytes so I don’t have leg cramps and spasms ✋ little changes add up to big habits and long-term behavior change
Go team Go…enjoy today and beyond


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