Glute Dysfunction

Dysfunction in the lower body can (possibly) be alleviated with precisely programmed lower body exercises.

Side note: If you sit a lot you may have dead butt syndrome aka gluteal amnesia. It’s when the butt can’t contract and hip flexors do not lengthen which can cause lower back pain plus walking issues.

✨If I have a client with bad balance I look at their butt! Seriously 😁 I do. A flat bottom, a bottom with too much fat can cause balance issues. It’s due to lack of glute and hamstring muscles. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Exercising butt muscles is more than aesthetics 👌 it’s for functional movement. “We don’t twerk we work” 😁

Home remedies 👉 squats, lunges, sit to stand, bridges, deadlifts, sitting Glute contractions plus soooo many more. 👊stay balanced 😁😉

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