Enough is Enough

I'm so tired of hearing about weight loss! What to eat to lose weight. When to eat and How to eat. I'm so done! 

Okay, I understand the number one reason why people workout is to lose weight but that is not the purpose of  a workout and definitely not the purpose of training. 

The purpose is to build strength, endurance, conditioning, flexibility and balance. 

I rather think like an athlete. An athlete plays a sport; and to play the sport well they have to eat and train in a manner that is conducive to their endeavor. Right? 

Proper nutrition for an athlete allows them to train and compete. They look at the quality, quantity and timing of their food. They rule their food; they don't allow food to rule them. 

If you're trying to get "fit", your eating regimen should reflect that. Easier said then done? I agree to a certain extent but when a person truly want to change their eating behavior to become a better version of themselves, they will. Many Gymnanigan Champions have and will continue to do so. 

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  • I like that eat according to my goals. I’m tired of stressing about what to eat. If I want to feel good I’ll eat good. I eat so I can workout. Like an athlete


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