Donna Helps Busy Professionals Optimize Their Time

✨I enjoy helping busy professionals achieve their movement goals💃🏿

💫It can be challenging helping some of my clients push pass their excuses and mental obstacles but we overcome them through Sports Psychology mindset coaching and by helping them create solutions to obstacles that come up💫


Common problems that arise that I help my clients navigate:
✨too busy during the week to meal prep
✨too busy to fit meals in during the day
✨traveling non-stop and don't know what to eat
✨having a hard time fitting in training sessions
✨having a hard time keeping on track with nutrition esp. eating out with business meetings


🔎 We get Clear On Your Current Goals, Challenges, and Lifestyle
📝 We create A Bulletproof Nutrition & Workout Strategy
💪 We sustain Progress Through One-On-One Accountability
🤯 We overcome Limiting Beliefs Through 1:1 In-person & Coaching calls
🏅 We create New Habits & Transition Into A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

This only works if the client is willing to work

Enjoy today and beyond

Donna M. 

Exercise Physiologist 

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