Learn - Grow - Achieve with Gymanigans @ Home

                 Click here:  https://www.onboard101.com/gymnanigans


What is Gymnanigans On-Board 101? It’s not an online workout.  Instead, it’s an entertaining, 12-module online course that teaches the basics of human physiology – especially as it relates to credible weight-management and overall health.


ONBOARD 101 uses a sophisticated interactive web-based platform incorporating numerous videos to explain everything from cardio and weight-training to protein, carbs, digestion and stress


And, it’s all put forth in easy-to-understand lay terms.  It’s NOT a bunch of technical “gobbledygook.”


I can’t begin to tell you how helpful and empowering this knowledge-based tool is.


During this “down-time” it’s a great way learn more about how your body functions.   



And, you can share it with your whole family! 



So, Champ here’s a link to the homepage of our new ONBOARD 101.  The home page video, alone, is a wealth of information



After you view the homepage video, just click on the little green button; “Let’s Get Started” to self-enroll -- and start with Chapter One.


Yours in health,

Donna Medina

CFO Gymnanigans 

1409 Georgia St., Vallejo 94591