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Welcome to Gymnanigans Boxing Fitness & Strength Training for Women

We serve all women including those of a certain age who are oftentimes underserved at a conventional gym.
Just ask Coach Donna she knows, she was one who was underserved, ignored and directed to the treadmill.
Now she helps women change their habits, body and completely engage their mind with full body workouts that help them think better, move better, sleep better and of course build firm arms, glutes, thighs & burn belly fat & trim the waistline. 
Our workouts help regulate hormones, aid in sleep disorders, hypertension and diabetes.
Gymnanigans, unlike big box gyms is not a gym but a personal training experience that'll help you reach your goals of gaining strength and building muscles. 
We AIM for Strength NOT Weight loss



 40min - Medium to High Intensity Kickboxing, Boxing and Strength Training $50

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What's Happening NOW at Gymnanigans?

Private Sessions:

  • If you're trying to reach specific fitness goals, may it be strength, cutting calories, nutrition guidance, habit coaching our VIP Personalized Services may fit your needs.  

First start with a  one-on-one phone conversation with Donna who's certified and knowledgeable in both diet and raining programming science, both application and theory. During your session you'll have the opportunity to share information about yourself.  Along with the opportunity to ask any question on the following topics, and the underlying science and application of each (in general, or to you personally): Fat loss, Weight Maintenance, Muscle Gain, Hypertrophy, Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance Training

Additional Service: The option to have Donna review or critique a training and/or diet plan during the phone consult. (Note: The plan must be sent in advance and receipt of plan must be confirmed by consultant before phone consultation to guarantee review during the consult. All reviewing will take place during the phone consult with no pre-viewing of the plan by the consultant)

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Now Is the Great Time to Get Started at Gymnanigans

Ready to Join the other Gymnanigan Champs LIVE online? 

March Body Rock Workout 

LIVE workouts powered by Zoom. Gymananigans LIVE is here.....

$110 / month includes Consultation, Bi-Weekly Check-ins,  Access to Gymnanigan Training App, Nutrition Report & Meal Plan 

March 1st - 26th

Mon-Wed-Fri @ 5:30p

Feeling weak? Muscles lagging? Body changing in ways that you just don't like?

Maybe you need Strength Training to help with your body of recomposition and strength journey,

Join us for the March Body Rock Workout online (powered by Zoom) to get your body the metabolic boost it needs to start the muscle building process plus toning

***Do I need equipment for February's LIVE workout? Only if you want extra resistance. Body weight exercises with extra resistance helps in developing muscle quicker. So if you have dumbbells, med balls, barbells have them set up in a place you can grab easily while you’re working out. Donna will let you know what to use and how to modify the workout .

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Not sure if you want private sessions or join us online LIVE? Contact Donna via text / call (707)310-0863