Gymnanigans Strength & Burn Program | We get you RESULTS. Period

**This 1:1 Program takes place in the Gymnanigans Studio @ 1409 Georgia St., Vallejo 

This is a method guaranteed to gain strength plus burn calories to transform the body

This is not a QUICK FIX program -- It takes time & dedication to the program 

At Gymnanigans we take the guess work out of training. You'll learn how to train, when to train plus what to train for and eat according to your training goals. 

Coach Donna designs smarter workouts with the foundation of proven program design principles and their application. You'll receive a progressive training program that'll get you predictable results, instead of getting you sweaty and tired. 


You'll Receive

  • customized training plan that's assessed and designed for you based on physiological condition, fitness level and goals 
  • body composition analysis 
  • work capacity analysis 
  • training age determination 
  • customized meal plans based on nutrition and sports science 
  • information on how to eat according to fitness goals NOT just fat loss 
  • access to the Gymnanigans Training app 
  • weekly goal assessment 

This program starts with a consultation with Donna to discuss your past current, future goals plus any physiological and physical conditions. 

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